Affordable Search Engine Optimization services for Small Businesses. Increase your traffic with our social media, web development, and search-engine optimization (SEO) team.

Comprehensive Strategy

Established brands need more than a stand-alone marketing effort to realize growth expectation and scale against the competition; an individualized, holistic, and integrated plan by Eastside Digital can provide this.

Iterative Optimization

Integration of successful market activation requires iterative optimization. Ongoing real-time performance of marketing activation is necessary to ensure competitive adjustments are made.

Dedicated to Client Success

Experts at Eastside Digital consider themselves stewards of clients' marketing spend and they priortize high-touch performance monitoring. As actionalable information becomes available, the agency remains dedicated to providing a competitive advantage in their social platforms and SEO. The agency has developed a platform-agnostic approach that allows for streamlined integration of marketing and operational data.

Digital Presence Management

Gain a consistent presence across multiple social media platforms. We will work with our clients to achieve a comprehensive digital presence that ensures you can connect with a variety of customers

Web Design

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. We will work with our clients to create and achieve impactful digital experiences for your users

Case Studies

Success from our clients and past-clients who
have entrusted us with their business & our services

Training Gym & Personal-Training

After implementing SEO strategies with our experts, here were the highlights from our work:

• Ranked their site ** almost 20+ positions ** across keywords for group fitness, personal training, and gyms in the area• Increased website traffic by 264% this month• Sped up the mobile site speed by ~3 seconds• Boosted engagement - average visitor now spends 50% more time on the site than last month• Increase in Organic Keywords by 30+ using long-tail keywords



After implementing SEO strategies with our experts, we were able to achieve:

• An increase in their position ranking of 40+ across keywords for shoe stores, sneaker stores, apparel store in the area• A 40% Boost in Overall Site Traffic & a 30% increase in Traffic with Intent to Purchase• A 110% increase in visibility in the local area• Increased site health score by over 70% - improving the user experience

Free Consultation & Site Audit

Our experts at Eastside Digital are offering a free consultation and audit on your website! Giving you valuable insight on how your website is doing, then coming up with an action plan that will help the growth of your business.